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What is Pay By Mail?

Toll Bills are issued to drivers who use Central Texas toll roads without having a valid electronic toll tag account. Cameras above the toll lanes record the license plate of all vehicles and the owner of the vehicle is sent a bill once the plate is transcribed and matched with vehicle registration records. Toll rates for Pay By Mail customers are one-third higher than electronic toll tag rates to cover the additional processing costs. Pay By Mail bills also include a $1.00 administrative fee.

Pay By Mail customers have 30 days to pay their bill in person, via check, online or over the phone.

If you received a Toll Bill, a vehicle registered in your name has recently traveled on a Central Texas toll road. Be aware that if you lease or loan your vehicle to someone else, Texas law dictates that the registered vehicle owner is responsible for paying any tolls incurred by that vehicle.

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Failure to Pay Results in Additional Fees

Failure to pay a toll bill can result in additional fees and court fines.

  • Toll Bill: Tolls + $1 Processing fee
  • Notice of Non-Payment: (30 days past due) Tolls + $1 + $15 Non-Payment fee per invoice
  • Second Notice of Non-Payment: (60 days past due): Tolls + $1 + $30 Non-Payment fee per invoice
  • Final Notice of Non-Payment: (90 days past due): Tolls + $1 + $60 Non-Payment fee per invoice
  • Legal Action (per toll, after 120 + days of nonpayment): subject to criminal misdemeanor charge + toll + court fees + up tp $250 special fine

Save Money On Tolls Statewide!

Whether you use toll roads in Austin, Dallas, Houston or anywhere else in Texas, here are some reasons to consider getting an electronic toll tag:

  • Savings: Electronic toll tag customers enjoy a 25% discount on tolls and avoid late fees.
  • Convenience: Tolls paid via electronic tag are debited automatically.
  • Easy sign-up: Electronic toll tag accounts can be opened online, by mail or by phone. Call and get your TxTag, TollTag or EZ Tag today.