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Vehicles with exempt plates are not necessarily exempt from paying tolls.
State law, bond convenants and Mobility Authority policy limit toll free travel to the following:

Emergency Vehicles Public Transportation Vehicles & Qualifying Van Pools Veterans Commercial

Emergency Vehicles

The following emergency vehicles are exempt from paying tolls:

  • Fire department and police
  • Public or private ambulances
  • Municipal department or public service corporation emergency vehicles
  • Private vehicles of volunteer firefighters
  • Private vehicles of certified emergency medical services employees
  • Private vehicles of volunteers when responding to a fire alarm or medical emergency
  • Industrial emergency response vehicles when responding to an emergency
  • Vehicles of blood or tissue banks when making deliveries of blood, drugs, medicines, or organs

Toll payment is required of all other government vehicles. If you've received a bill for a vehicle that you believe qualifies for an exemption as described above, please complete the document below and forward to:

Exemption Form

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
3300 N IH-35, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78705

Or fax to: (512) 996-9784

In addition to the completed forms, please include a fleet list in Excel format that includes license plate numbers and issuing states. If you need to update an established account, then please email the additions or deletions only.

In both cases, MSB will email confirmation that all related toll bills / violation notices have been dismissed once your request has been processed.

For more information, please call (512) 450-6321.

Public Transportation Vehicles & Qualifying Van Pools

Capital Metro Buses, Metro RideShare Van Pools, Metro Access and CARTS vehicles are exempt on CTRMA toll roads. If you are a part of one of the mentioned programs and are receiving CTRMA bills, please contact your program manager. Program managers provide us with information necessary to ensure exemption. We may have outdated information.

Metro RideShare drivers seeking refunds for CTRMA transactions debited from TxTag accounts should initiate a dispute by contacting TxTag and indicating they are exempt on CTRMA roads. This can be done online using the dispute issue category or over the phone with an agent by calling 888-468-9824.


The Board Members and staff of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority honor and appreciate the service of the men and women of our military forces, past and present.

State law allows a Texas toll road entity to offer discounted or free tolls for vehicles with a Disabled Veteran, Purple Heart, or Legion of Valor specialty license plate; however, the Mobility Authority does not offer discounted or free tolls under such a program at this time.

Although we are not currently offering discounted tolls at this time, CTRMA’s board has authorized a Veteran’s Discount Program for Qualified Veterans to go into effect later this year. Full details on program participation will be available prior to the launch of the program, currently scheduled for November 2018. Visit our FAQ’s for more information on this upcoming program.

In the meantime, Veterans and other beneficiaries may be eligible to have toll charges reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs when they use a toll road to travel for care at a Veteran’s Administration medical facility. The Beneficiary Travel Benefits program is established and administered by the Veterans Administration. For more information, questions, or assistance relating to the Beneficiary Travel Benefits program, please contact the Veterans Administration Beneficiary Travel Office at (254) 743-0749.


No. We do not offer exemptions for Commercial Vehicles.

Commercial businesses who have five or more vehicles within their fleet can now manage pay by mail tolls for an unlimited number of cars and trucks. Simply provide our company with a list of your fleet license plates along with an accounts payable contact to

To reach our Commercial Department with questions, please call us at (800) 867-5081 Monday through Friday 9am - 6pm CST.